Hi, I am Darren...

...and I work with municipal governments to create better communities.

Who I am

My name is Darren Reedy and I am an above-average husband and almost always proud father to two young children. I was raised in picturesque Smithers, BC and migrated to Alberta in 2001. After 15 years of moving around Alberta for various career and education opportunities, I am pleased to have returned to my small community roots in a beautiful rural area of Mountain View County, Alberta. I am a Certified Management Accountant (CPA, CMA) with a degree in business management (University of Lethbridge), a diploma in business administration (SAIT Polytechnic) and Level 1 of the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (University of Alberta). In my early days, I held roles in grocery retail, banking, and the oil and gas sector and was a somewhat talented soccer player that won a National Championship as a member of the 1998 University College of the Cariboo soccer team. Today, I am self-employed with personal interests in municipal government, community issues, public speaking and personal finances. 

What I do

I am the Founder and Managing Consultant of Reedy Insights (www.reedyinsights.com), a multidisciplinary consulting business that supports municipal governments and community organizations to be financially and socially resilient. As a skilled professional with over nine years' experience in both urban and rural municipal environments, I am often described as a municipal generalist for my broad background in policy development, human resource management, recreation management, economic development, financial budgeting, tangible capital asset accounting, grant coordination, strategic planning, performance measurement, government advocacy as well as expertise across a range of issues including property tax, affordable housing and anti-discrimination practices. In addition, I am an accomplished public speaker that has presented at numerous conferences across a range of issues. You can learn more by contacting me or visiting my business at www.reedyinsights.com.